Cebu Evergreen Memorial Park(LOT ONLY)

San Roque, Talisay City, Cebu(Along Cebu South Coastal Highway)

For Sale

Property Details

Price ₱117,128


San Roque, Talisay City, Cebu(Along Cebu South Coastal Highway)


As low as 2,831/month(AMORTIZATION)



LAWN LOTS 2.5(Regular-2 Individuals)
Total Contract Price : Php117,128.00
Spot Cash : Php108,080.00
Payable up to 48 month
As low as 2,831/month

GARDEN LOTS 12.5(Regular5 Lots 4 Individual)
Total Contract Price : Php680,988.00
Spot Cash : Php627,258.00
Payable up to 48 month
As low as 16,458.11/month

GARDEN LOTS 25(Regular10 Lots 8 Individual)
Total Contract Price : Php1,294,458.00
Spot Cash : Php1,193,026.00
Payable up to 48 month
As low as 31,282.89/month

FAMILY ESTATE 45(Regular-18 Lots 10 Individual)
Total Contract Price : Php2,946,108.00
Spot Cash : Php2,708,523.00
Payable up to 48 month
As low as 71,199.51/month


CEBU EVERGREEN MEMORIAL PARK , for sale located along Cebu South Coastal Highway, (SRP) Talisay City, Cebu
It provides a modern and serene haven of serenity and peace to relive precious memories and share timeless moments in this beautiful patch of heaven on earth.

CEMPI offers the best high-end amenities in a backdrop of mountain view, blue skies and soothing sea breeze along the South Coastal Highway:
Chapel with Skylight
80 feet high Landmark Pylon with Cascade
View Deck
Park Administration Building
Solid Concrete Perimeter Fence
Cemented Roads and Street Lights
5 Restrooms for Men and 5 Restrooms for Women
Good Drainage System
2 Water Tanks
Big Parking Space
24-hour Security


1) You PROTECT YOUR LOVED ONES. Investing in a memorial plot is an expression of your love and care for your loved ones by giving them peace of mind at a time when you will not be around to help.
2) It is YOUR LASTING LEGACY. You work all your life for the people you love most.
3) YOU HAVE A CHOICE of easy on the budget purchase plans or avail of savings through a spot cash investment. Emergency situations force our loved ones to loseflexibility and pay at a higher price. Planning ahead allows you to choose the inventory and the payment option that suits your current budget or investment preference.



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